This is one of the best place in the world to me. There’s a river next to my grand parents’s house, in the garden. I used to go fishing here, swim or canoe all the holidays… A heaven for children. Today I go there sometimes, but I miss this place so much while I’m here in Paris, in the grey buildings >___< Done in Photoshop CS6 with a Cintiq 24HD. I’ve worked first in b&w tones, then added the color over the main shapes before adding the last details.

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I&#8217;ve just finished a great trilogy (I know, I&#8217;m late!)

I’ve just finished a great trilogy (I know, I’m late!)

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You guys often ask me how I paint my BGs. I sometimes use this technique (this is funny because I also use it to make hair haha!) This person is a genius tu explain easily how to make this nice BG. Enjoy, and check the entire channel!

I don’t encourage people to work with a mouse, but you are many to ask “how to draw with a mouse?” (seriously guys, buy a wacom you won’t regret it! :D You’ll ask yourself how you did all these years without one) and this tutorial actually works for mouse users. :)

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flaviamarquesart asked:
Hello! First of all: I love your blog, your drawings and your costumes, you're so talented! I was looking at the photos you took on Palais Garnier (you look stunning!) and I noticed that there were more people in costume. Was it part of any special event?


Thanks a lot!

I’m a member of an association called Le Ministère des Modes (litterally The Fashion Ministry :P) And we sometimes go to the Opera in costume, but we do many other things like this. We are historical fashion lovers and we love having the opportunity to evolve in such beautiful places in our home-made costumes :D

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Opera Garnier 5 Juillet 2014, with some friends in costume

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30mn sketch done in Photoshop with an Intuos 4 tablet :)

30mn sketch done in Photoshop with an Intuos 4 tablet :)

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Anonymous asked:
By golly that Victorian dress is the greatest thing ever! Well done and congrats on winning 1st prize! There is no more deserving person than you!

Thank you so much! ♥♥♥ I’m going to wear it again at the Opera Garnier in few days :D It was not supposed to happen but I’ll be happy to use it again!

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2mn sketch done this morning before going to work :)

2mn sketch done this morning before going to work :)

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Making of my last drawing

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